Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart Net Worth: Richard Heart, also known as Richard Schuele, is a well-known person in the world of cryptocurrency. He is the founder and CEO of HEX and Pulsechain. Richard is an entrepreneur, author, YouTuber, philanthropist and investor who has been involved in successful startups in the digital asset industry. He bought his first Bitcoin when its price was only $1.

As of April 2023, Richard Heart is estimated to have a net worth of $500 million. This comes from his holdings in Bitcoin, investments in cryptocurrencies, and his involvement in the HEX and Pulsechain networks.

Richard Heart Net Worth

Richard Heart is active on social media, especially Twitter (@RichardHeartWin), where he interacts with his followers and the wider cryptocurrency community.

He also has a YouTube channel where he talks about blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and personal development. In addition to his work in the cryptocurrency industry, Richard has written a book called “SciVive: A Guide to Living Longer and Wealthier,” which offers advice on personal improvement and financial success.

Richard Heart enjoys a luxurious lifestyle, indulging in expensive cars and watches. He owns the world’s fastest Ferrari, valued at $3 million, and possesses the most expensive Rolex ever made, which is worth $10 million.

As an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency expert, Richard Heart has amassed an estimated net worth of $500 million. He has gained significant recognition in the cryptocurrency industry through his successful entrepreneurial ventures. Richard’s expertise and contributions have earned him a prominent position within the crypto community.

Despite coming from a middle-class family, Richard Heart has achieved his wealth through hard work and dedication. His net worth continues to grow over time, allowing him to fulfill his dreams and enjoy a prosperous life.

How did he grow his Net Worth?

Richard Heart showed a remarkable intellect at a young age by learning all the state capitals and skipping elementary school to join an advanced middle school program called MEGSSS in Davie, Florida.

In his early years, before gaining recognition as Richard Heart, he started working as a newspaper salesperson and later worked at his father’s small air-conditioning company and a shopping cart platform.

As he grew older, Richard became a serial entrepreneur and investor, establishing multiple successful businesses both online and offline. Recognizing the opportunities presented by the internet, he focused his efforts on online ventures.

Richard always sought to explore different avenues, including starting a car audio system business from his home and running a mortgage company that utilized search engine optimization for growth. Additionally, he had a marketing firm that played a role in early internet spam marketing. However, it is believed that he has accumulated substantial wealth through various ventures:

1. Cryptocurrency Investments

Richard Heart has been involved in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since their early days. By investing in these digital currencies, which have increased in value over time, he may have made significant profits.

2. HEX

Richard Heart is the founder of HEX, a project that offers high-interest certificate of deposit (CD) services using blockchain technology. While some critics have raised concerns about HEX, it has attracted a large following and has generated profits for early investors, including Richard Heart himself.

Richard Heart is a notable figure in the cryptocurrency world. He first learned about Bitcoin through Reddit and bought his first Bitcoin for only $1. Intrigued by digital finance, he went on to create his own cryptocurrency called Hex.

Hex was launched in December 2019 and has a unique feature called staking. This allows users to earn interest and additional rewards for holding the Hex currency for longer periods. Initially, Hex tokens were given to Bitcoin holders. Over time, the price of Hex tokens increased significantly, experiencing a 200-fold increase between 2019 and 2021. This made Hex a popular choice for people looking to save and grow their cryptocurrency investments.

3. Pulsechain

Richard has created Pulsechain, a fork of the Ethereum blockchain, and has raised substantial venture capital for the project. Once Pulsechain is live and its token becomes tradable, it could potentially increase Richard Heart’s net worth significantly.

4. Online Presence

Richard Heart is known for his YouTube channel and social media presence, where he shares content related to cryptocurrencies and personal development. Through advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, he may generate income from his online activities.

It is important to understand that estimates of Richard Heart’s net worth are speculative and based on limited information. Moreover, the value of his assets, particularly those in the volatile cryptocurrency market, can fluctuate significantly over time.

How Richard Heart invests?

Richard Heart has accumulated most of his wealth through his investments in cryptocurrencies. As the founder of Hex, he has made significant investments in digital assets and business ventures, which have contributed to his net worth. Richard Heart is also known for his love of luxury cars and watches, having a collection valued at millions of dollars.


In terms of cryptocurrency investments, Richard Heart is particularly interested in emerging assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. He has liquidated a portion of his crypto assets in 2021 and is speculated to have made new acquisitions in 2023.

It is believed that he holds several million dollars worth of his own coin, Hex, as well as an equivalent amount of Ethereum. Richard Heart is estimated to have around $40 million to $50 million in BTC and other cryptocurrencies, providing opportunities for future growth.


Richard Heart’s passion for alternative assets extends to his collection of luxury watches, which is valued at $10 million. He has even claimed to own the most expensive Rolex ever made. Additionally, he made a notable investment by purchasing the world’s largest diamond for $4.3 million in cryptocurrency, renaming it the diamond. These investments highlight his desire to diversify his wealth through unique and high-value items.


Richard Heart’s car collection showcases his investments in luxury automobiles. His collection includes a McLaren GT worth $250,000, a Chevrolet Camaro valued at $63,000, a Nissan Versa S priced at $17,600, and a Ford Raptor costing $120,000. These cars demonstrate his ability to balance his investments across different alternative assets, solidifying his reputation as a strategic and forward-thinking investor.

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